Air Compressors the power behind the Agricultural Tools

Air Compressors the power behind the Agricultural Tools

For thousands of years, mankind has worked the land to survive. Never the less, the way of doing it has changed a lot. Because now the farmers can rely on different kinds of tools to help them. Never the less, what a lot of people don’t know is that many of this Agricultural Tools work thanks to an air compressor. For example, an air compressor allows the farmer to move the grains into the Silos for storage or bring water to a certain location where is needed.

Thanks to these agricultural tools farmers can get the most of their land saving time and money. Making extremely important for them to have a reliable air compressor.

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Uses of an Air Compressor in Agriculture

The number of applications than an air compressor has are countless. Is for this reason that we would just talk about the most important ones.


1. Inflating vehicle tires

Almost any farm has not only cars and trucks, but small vehicles such as all-terrain. Although tires very sturdy, eventually they need to be inflated for security reasons. Having an air compressor would make easier and faster to keep all the vehicles in good working order.


 2. Pneumatic nail guns

One of the most common tasks for a farmer is to have to repair or build a structure like outbuildings, chicken coops, or machine shops. A pneumatic nail gun help to finish faster by shooting nails into the material using pressure to do it. Making the work take a fraction of the time that it would take with a hammer.


3. Cleaning equipment

Sometimes the traditional cleaning is not enough to clean that heavy duty equipment. In those cases, you can use an air compressor to clean the equipment.

Never the less this must be a last resort and should be done taking safety measures.

4. Dairy farms

Dairy farming is one of the most labor-intensive farming operations, and anyone who owns dairy cows, goats or sheep will attest that it can be back-breaking labor. Newer devices using air compressors can power milking machines, such as the milker claw detachment unit.


5. Orchard Use

Orchard depends on being able to spray to control a wide variety of diseases and insects. With an air compressor and a professional sprayer unit, it possible to reach the top of the trees more easily as well as do it in a fraction of the time it takes with manual sprayers.


6. Water pumps

Water is essential to crops, livestock and sustainable pastures. Sometimes compressed air is needed to bring this vital resource to specific areas to optimize growth.

KAESER An Affordable and Dependable Compressed Air Solution

Minimizing operating costs is essential for survival in today’s highly competitive agriculture business climate. A KAESER Compressor is not only economical to purchase, but it is also economical to own. KAESER offers the most CFM per brake horsepower, which ensures more air while consuming less energy.

It’s important to remember that not all KAESER  Air compressors are the same. By picking the right KAESER  air compressor for the job, you will be able to maximize the productivity, energy efficiency and longevity in your farming equipment. If you are considering a KAESER air compressor for your farm, don’t forget to take into consideration:


  • The energy required
  • The horsepower needed
  • How often will the compressor be used
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