Assembly Tools Repair Service

Remanufactured Assembly Tools

If you have been working with assembly tools for some time, probably you have been in the position where you had to choose between replacing an old tool that doesn’t work anymore or taking it to have some major repairs.


The truth is that it doesn’t matter which one you choose, probably you will have to pay a lot of money to get it done. So the question normally would be if you prefer to spend more of your hard earn money and get a new one or spending less but get a tool that will not be as good?

At Air Center, we think this should not be your only option, and that you should be able to get a tool that looks and works like a new one without spending ridiculous amounts of money. And that’s exactly what you will get if you buy one of our remanufactured tools or if you decide to remanufactured your old tools with us because all our work is done by our Certificated Technicians (ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate) using only just OE Parts.

Why to Choose Air Center Over Others

The tool shown below was sent to Atlas Copco for repair. After evaluation, it was determined that a repair would cost 60% of the cost of a new tool (“beyond economical repair”). This same tool sent to Air Center will be professionally remanufactured for 1/3 the cost of new.


Get Rid of Your Old Tools