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Air Center’s corded electric nutrunners, cordless assembly tools and pneumatic assembly solutions are built to withstand the demands of high-production assembly lines. Our extensive product portfolio provides the most efficient solutions for safety-critical, quality-critical and functional assemblies.

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Quality and durability keep assembly lines running.

For over 34 years, Air Center has provided production tools, repair and calibration that have increased productivity, improved quality and reduced downtime. Our latest assembly DC nutrunners continue to raise industry expectations with class-leading repeatability, durability and ergonomics.

Smart production tools provide error proofing and operator feedback to avoid rework and recalls.

Our fastening and assembly tools touch every point in the motor vehicle manufacturing process.

That’s why we deliver the most innovative and reliable DC electric fastening systems in the industry. We offer both handheld and fixtured tools, along with the controllers and software to provide you with a complete system that links users and applications together to deliver an uncompromised combination of ergonomics, speed, durability and accuracy that maximizes your productivity.


Air Center is a Stanley assembly tool distributor. We help with complex needs of industrial and automotive manufacturing, we distribute and market precision threaded fastening solutions; from pneumatic to electric assembly tools to industrial power tools and custom engineered systems.

Air Center offers productivity solutions and the most advanced assembly tools for next generation electric vehicles. Stanley assembly tools offers solutions to companies as large as The Big Three to start up EV companies like Rivian, Workhorse, Lordstown motors, and more.