Beier High Performance Replacement Cables

Beier High Performance Replacement Cables

Standard assembly tool cables can be easily twisted and damaged during use, as a result, cables can begin to fray causing safety hazards and functional problems to the tool. If the cable is not designed to twist freely, it will damage the cable over time which shortens its life and wastes tens of thousands of dollars per year for production lines.

Air Center Inc. can replace your standard OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cables with Beier High-Performance DC Tool Cables and Swivels.

Flexi Cables were designed especially for real use applications, where flexibility, low weight, and ease of use are crucial to the operator. Thanks to the optimized design with halved wire diameters, the Flexi-cable is a product with exceptional operator-friendliness.

Flexi-cables are designed to resist wear and are available in 3 different swivel options. Beier’s 3 swivel options include straight, 90 degrees, and 120 degrees to meet maximum mobility no matter the job.

The Swivel Cable is designed and equipped with a rotative tool connector, which absorbs the rotation of a connected tool in a turning radius of +/- 170 degrees. This enables to operator to twist the tool without feeling any resistance of a non-rotative cable. As a result, Beier cables can last 3-times longer, maximize product life, and minimize operating costs.

Many companies have already made the switch to Beier cables including Toyota, Fiat, Hyundai, BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen AG, and many others. Compatible brands include Atlas Copco, Stanley Assembly, and Ingersoll Rand. A great benefit to Beier swivels is that Air Center can install them to your existing cables, install them during repair, or order new cables directly through us and receive a scrap discount from your old cables.

Beier Match Makers are required for ST cables and are included in the price of “Flexi” cables.

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