Compressed Air Consulting Services

Compressed Air Consulting Services


Whether you have specifications that need to be met, or a specific system component or part is required, or whether you need a solution designed, engineered and built from scratch, Air Center  is te right choice.


Since 1984, Air Center Inc. has grown to be largest supplier and service centers of compressed air systems in Michigan.  With a team of the best and most skilled Engineers and Technicians who have gained knowledge and experience second to none. Giving Air Center the expertise and experience to design, build, install, maintain and service complex industrial compressed air systems for virtually every industry; from manufacturing and packaging to distribution and storage.

Air Center has the client list and tracks record to prove we are well suited to provide consulting and other related technical services to you as well.


For more information on the various services we provide on demand, please refer to the sections below.

Compressed Air System Analysis
  • Compressed air system analysis with emphasis on reducing electrical power consumption
  • Compressor Oil Analysis
  • Compressed air purification audits
  • Compressor Vibration Testing
  • Ultra Sonic compressor leak detection
Energy Conservation and Sustainability
  • DTE Energy trade ally
  • Air compressor heat recovery and ventilation
  • Preventative maintenance agreements
  • Waste condensate and sustainability
  • Air compressor system controls
Additional Services
  • Compressed air system lease financing
  • Compressed air utility options


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Our experienced, pleasant and helpful staff are at the ready to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need to help make better and more informed decisions regarding your compressed air systems.