Compressed Air System Accessories That Improve Performance

Compressed Air System Accessories That Improve Performance

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Accessories can enhance your compressed air system’s function and efficiency more than you might think. As worthwhile investments in your business, certain air compressor accessories can have a major, positive impact on your system, potentially even reducing the need for repairs and replacements.

Read on for our top compressed air system accessory recommendations. 

Air Dryers and Aftercoolers

Pent-up moisture in your air compressor system can gradually cause problems, including contamination of the end product, corrosion, and rusting. Air dryers and aftercoolers are air compressor accessories that can effectively remove moisture from your system. 

Air dryers come in two main types: desiccant dryers and refrigerated dryers. These accessories work by de-vaporizing the air in the compressor using activated alumina, molecular sieves, or silica gel. 

Aftercoolers eliminate water from the air by managing the system’s temperature. Specifically, they remove heat from the compressed air so that it can be moved into a dryer. 


With an air compressor that works at a pressure that exceeds your needs, your system won’t operate as efficiently as it could. A regulator can amend this issue by adjusting the system’s air pressure levels so that it corresponds with your tool. This accessory is an essential pick that will lead to energy savings in the long run.


It may seem simple, but a high-quality filter can largely contribute to your air compressor’s longevity. Filters extract contaminants from the compressed air to prevent component damage and related issues. With a filter, you can improve the purity of your system’s air output while reducing maintenance needs. 

Not all air compressor filters are the same. Make sure to evaluate all the available options to find the best product for your system’s unique needs. 

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