controllers 2
  • Availability of many different levels of use, from very basic to extremely sophisticated
  • Communication to the outside world via the Ethernet and other protocols
  • Error proofing – ensures that all fasteners installed on a given part
  • Traceability – storage of thousands of readings
  • Accountability – ability to record the operator using the tool
  • Data collection – storage of thousands of data points
  • Networkability

The Alpha Toolbox, included in every QBE Stanley Controller, is used for programing strategies, collect fastening cycle data, trace data, and to perform online diagnostics of the tool and controller. The software enables tool configuration, tool diagnostics, data collection and maintenance intervals. No set-up required, the software is executed from a serial connection to the controller or wirelessly on a tablet, Phone or PC.

QBE Stanley Controllers include a Alpha Toolbox port, Assignable 24V DC I/O, a 24V DC mating connector, a power cord, and an optional plinth. The Wizard provides an easy method to control programming directly from the keypad on the controller or with Alpha Toolbox.