Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vendor/Supplier Notification

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vendor/Supplier Notification

Dear Valued Customer,

Yesterday, the Ohio Department of Health, through its Director, the Governor, and the State of Michigan through its Governor issued  Stay at Home Orders (“Order”) directing individuals living within those states to stay at home except as allowed by the Order. Pursuant to the Order, businesses operating in the state, except Essential Businesses and Operations, are required to cease all activities.

Air Center has reviewed the Orders and determined that we fall within the definition of Essential Businesses and Operations. Until further notice, Air Center will continue to operate and adhere to the constructs of the health and safety requirements set forth in the Order. We believe that as suppliers, Air Center is also within the definition of Essential Businesses and Operations. Essential Businesses and Operations do not require a special designation or permit to continue operating. Air Center expects to continue operations as needed in order to continue timely supplying in accordance with our purchase orders so that we can support our customer’s operations during these challenging times. We truly appreciate your assistance and our ongoing business relationship.




Jim Casey

General Manager

Air Center, Inc.