Modular High Capacity Refrigerated Dyer

Large compressed air systems present unique challenges for air treatment. Varying production needs means uneven compressed air volume use. Variable demand combined with lower ambient and inlet air temperatures results in a reduced load on any compressed air dryer. For non-cycling dryers, although the dryer may not need to operate continually, it still runs constantly, significantly increasing unnecessary power consumption. Multiple, separate dryers that are individually piped can add to pressure drop across the system and increase the likelihood of leaks in the connecting piping runs.

Too often, large systems are not designed with redundancy in mind since adding another full-size dryer and the necessary piping takes up valuable floor space. However, when the air treatment components are down or even taken offline for routine maintenance, the air supply is interrupted, causing production downtime. Large systems often face a similar problem as their compressed air system grows—despite increased demand there simply is not enough room to add additional air treatment components.

Kaeser’s modular high capacity refrigerated dryers offer the perfect solution for large compressed air systems. They remove moisture, oil, and contaminants to consistently deliver clean, dry air. The modular design provides redundancy for critical applications which ensures uninterrupted air supply when a module is removed from operation. Additional modules can easily be added to the system as compressed air demand grows. The modular design also eliminates longer piping runs between dryer units and prevents unnecessary pressure drop. Finally, the digital scroll technology maximizes energy efficiency by matching the electrical power consumed in direct proportion to the incoming air demand.

Additional information

Product Type


Rated CFM

7350-12500 CFM


  • Non-Fouling Heat Exchangers
  • Scroll Refrigeration Compressor
  • Integrated Coalescing Filtered Separator
  • Automatic Condensate Drain
  • Integrated Cold Coalescing Oil Removal Filter (Optional)

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Kaeser TM Air-cooled models

ModelRated Flow
No of ModulesAvailable Voltages
In/Out ConnDimensions
TM 2080A73504460/3/6012” Flange163-3/4 x 81 x 1287592
TM 2380A84004460/3/6012” Flange163-3/4 x 81 x 1287766
TM 2675A94505460/3/6012” Flange202-1/8 x 81 x 1289528
TM 2975A105005460/3/6012” Flange202-1/8 x 81 x 1289702

Kaeser TM Water-cooled models

ModelRated Flow
No of ModulesAvailable Voltages
In/Out ConnWater Flow
Water Supply ConnDimensions
TM 248087504460/3/6012” Flange451-1/2” NPT (F)163-3/4 x 81 x 95-7/87664
TM 2830100004460/3/6012” Flange521-1/2” NPT (F)163-3/4 x 81 x 95-7/87876
TM 3190112505460/3/6012” Flange581-1/2” NPT (F)202-1/8 x 81 x 95-7/89623
TM 3540125005460/3/6012” Flange651-1/2” NPT (F)202-1/8 x 81 x 95-7/89836