Kaeser KDF – Single Tower Desiccant Dryer


New Single Tower Desiccant Dryer

Kaeser KDF


    Moisture indicator - signals the need to replace desiccant
    Re-usable silica gel desiccant
    Easy to read change-out indicator
    Rugged design
    Wide range of sizes

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Dry air

Kaeser’s KDF series single tower desiccant air dryer significantly lowers compressed air dew points. With a simple flow-through design, the dryer economically produces atmospheric dew points as low as -45°F.

The KDF’s modular design allows the user to easily install the required pre-filter. The KDF is ideally suited for point of use applications needing small volumes of extremely dry air.




The KDF is a very affordable and economical compressed air dryer that requires no electricity. The silica gel desiccant can be reused which reduces operating costs. Simply bake the silica gel in an oven for the prescribed time and temperature to regenerate the desiccant.



Compressed air enters the desiccant dryer housing and flows downward through the bed of silica gel desiccant. As the desiccant bed becomes saturated, the color of the desiccant indicator changes from blue to white. In the bottom of the housing, the compressed air flows upwards through an integrated dust filter and into an outlet tube where it is directed to the discharge port of the dryer housing


Kaeser KDF
Model Flow @ 100 psig
In/Out Conn
scf @ 100 F Inlet Temp Dimensions
KOR Coalescing Prefilter Replacement Dessicant Kit
KDF 1 5 1/4 2500 4¼ x 125/8 13 KOR 20 KSG 1
KDF 2 10 1/4 5000 4¼ x 12 15 KOR 20 KSG 2
KDF 3 20 1/2 10000 4¼ x 20¼ 19.5 KOR 20 KSG 3
KDF 4 30 1/2 15000 4¼ x 28 22.5 KOR 35 KSG 4