Stanley E Series E Inline Fixtured Tools 1.6 to 40 Nm

STANLEY Inline Fixtured

New Nutrunner 1.6 to 40 Nm

STANLEY Inline Fixtured Options

Output Options Part No
3/8" 24-Thread 20D100701
3/8” Square Drive 20D100600
3/8” Square Drive x 8” Extension 20D100702
1/4” Quick Change (17 Nm max) 20D101100
Lock Nut Options Part No
Lock Nut F3697
Pinch Point 20D243501
Guided Collar 20D243502
Reaction Bar Part No
Reaction Bar, Aluminum (E23 only) F3698
Reaction Bar, Steel 20K100100
Base Mount Bracket A8606
Mounting Flange-B 20K101000
3/8" SD Socket Lock Pin Part No
Standard 20D227800
Rounded (Ball Detent) 20D227801
Suspension Bails*** Part No
Wire Bail A3061
Swivel 20K101400
Standard B3432


Inline Fixtured
Model Frame Trigger Rate Speed RPM Torque nm Lenght in Weight lb Output Standard Power Source
E23MB-8 Inline Fixtured Mount 2245 8 13.6 3.1 Electric
E23MB-16 Inline Fixtured Mount 2245 16 13.6 3.1 Electric
E23MB-21 Inline Fixtured Mount 785 21 14.1 3.5 Electric
E23MB-31 Inline Fixtured Mount 540 31 14.1 3.5 Electric
E33MB-32 Inline Fixtured Mount 1125 32 15.1 3.8 Electric
E33MB-40 Inline Fixtured Mount 890 40 15.1 3.8 Electric