Tool Holders

Tool Holders

Designed and engineered in-house for quick delivery

Air Center, Inc.’s patented Tool Holders are the best in the industry. Air Center’s patented self-locking tool holder provides easy change of position from horizontal to vertical with the compliance necessary to reach almost any fastener while absorbing the torque reaction to the operator.

Key Benefits:

  • Ergonomic – no torque reaction absorbed by operator
  • Positional Sensing for error-proofing assembly process
  • Compatible with all manufacturer’s tools
  • Multiple tool holder options
  • SRated to 100 NM
  • Standard units shipped in 5 days

Standard Tool Holder

Model #: A0010R00–0

Standard Pistol Tool Holder with Pitch

Model #: A0014R00–0

Standard Locking Tool Holder

Model #: A0015R00–0

Standard Locking Tool Holder with Pitch

Model #: A0016R00–0

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