Weekly air compressor preventive maintenance checks

Weekly air compressor preventive maintenance checks

We all want to have a reliable air system that works efficiently and trouble-free. Especially because for many companies the compressed air is a critical element of their operation, and when the air system it’s not working correctly it can cause unplanned down times as well as an increase in the operating cost, because it will need to use more resources to do the same job.

So keeping our air system in top condition is very important and achieving this can be done easily by following the daily and weekly maintenance checks recommended by the manufacturer. This includes following the OEM’s recommended maintenance schedule, using only genuine spare parts and selecting only authorized Service Technician’s to carry out maintenance work.

An example of daily & weekly maintenance checks

Daily Maintenance;

1) Check the compressor display

Examine the display of the compressor controller for important information such as service due messages or warnings, and carry out tasks punctually. Also, listen for any unusual sounds.

Weekly Maintenance;

2) Check belt tension

To make sure that your air compressor will work for a long time it’s important to make sure that the tension of the belt drives it’s optimal to avoid to avoid slipping and premature wear of the drive belts and pulleys.

3) Check the cooling oil level

Most air compressors require having a certain amount of oil circulating. If this amount is not enough, the internal temperature will rise, which will ultimately lead to the compressor overheating and shutting down. If the problem is not solved promptly, it will result in premature wear as well as unplanned service requirement.

4) Cooler: check the filter mat

The filter mats help to keep the cooler clean. If the filter mats are clogged, adequate cooling of the components is no longer ensured.

5) Control cabinet: check the filter mat

A filter mat is placed behind every ventilation grille. Filter mats protect the control cabinet from ingress of dirt. If the filter mats are clogged, adequate cooling of the components is no longer ensured. In such a case, clean or replace the filter mats.

6) Check the condensate drain

Condensation is an inevitable result of air compression. If the condensed liquid is not adequately drained off at all collection points, it will cause corrosion that will damage the compressed air system.

7) Log all maintenance tasks completed

Documenting all the maintenance work will allow to have a better control of your maintenance as well as to determine if there is any deviation from the OEM’s recommendation.

Remeber: That just qualified and authorize personal should be allowed to perform any maintenance task.

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