cordless power tools

Cordless battery tools are a revolutionary step for your entire facility, one that shows how a smarter tool can improve process control, operator comfort and data communication. In a single, affordable package, this tool puts you in control by helping to increase productivity, lower costs and ensuring a high-quality product at the end of your production line. Our cordless assembly tools include a battery pack, charger and assembly tool. The tool features a comfort handle grip, micro-USB port, multi-function button (MFB), push-to-start work lights, integrated digital control circuit, and operator feedback display.

Other Technical Features:

  • Transducerized
  • Comes with a shut-off clutch
  • Tested to ISO 5393 Standards
  • Audible and Visual Operator Feedback
  • Bar Code Scanner Available
  • Programming via On-board Micro USB Port with Alpha Toolbox Suite