remanufactured tools warranty


Air Center quality, A2LA certification (1522.01), savings, and fast service are the keys to running strong!

Remanufactured assembly tool repairs include a fully functional system test and runoff. Each tool is calibrated to OEM spec, A2LA (1522.01) accredited ISO 17025 compliance, and backed by Air Center’s warranty. We have all the necessary closed-loop systems for accuracy and testing, with preventive maintenance and/or replacement parts provided for common failure components. A failure analysis report and pertinent scope of work are recorded with every repair.

We even support the older (discontinued) Atlas Copco equipment and have managed to save several companies thousand of dollars by postponing their costly upgrades to newer equipment.


With a simple, 8-step preventive maintenance process, you can keep your tools looking new and acting like they just came from the manufacturer.

  1. Disassemble and clean
  2. Inspect all internal components for wear
  3. Apply new grease
  4. Reassemble
  5. Velocity test
  6. Torque test
  7. Tool Rundown
  8. Calibration


With your tools you can have cost savings beyond what you have imagined. Most assembly plants have one tool on-line and three spares somewhere, sometimes they are in the crib, sometimes they are torn apart or waiting for parts, and sometimes they are just thrown away maybe needlessly. Air Center will refurbish, calibrate, serialize and box your discarded tools to make them look like and preform like they just came from the manufacturer, one year warranty included. So there is no need to have tools in the crib and that means a huge cost savings for you. Fact is there is virtually no reason to ever discard a tool, they are all re-buildable. You can start saving money today it’s easy, just call Air Center to get a cost savings proposal today!