Secotec Refrigerated Cycling Dyer

With their high-efficiency storage control, SECOTEC TA to TD series refrigerated air dryers can handle dew points to 38 °F, all while ensuring maximum efficiency at all times. A generously-sized thermal mass reduces material stress and assures stable pressure dew point performance. Significant savings potential during part-load operation and during breaks Highly durable and easy maintenance system design Air-cooled versions for ambient temperatures up to 110 °F

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Product Type


Rated CFM

20-45 CFM


  • Highly efficient multi-stage, stainless steel separator
  • Air-to-air and thermal storage-torefrigerant heat exchangers
  • Electronic Demand Drain
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Reliable refrigerant circuit
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Thermal Storage

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ModelRated Capacity
Power Supply
Full loas Power Consumption
Inlet/Outlet Conn
TA 520115 / 1 / 600.333/4 NPT (F)19 x 243/4 x 303/8154
TA 830115 / 1 / 600.333/4 NPT (F)19 x 243/4 x 303/8176
TA 1145115 / 1 / 600.433/4 NPT (F)19 x 243/4 x 303/8187