Custom Tool Solutions

Custom Tool Solutions

Air Center will custom design and build pro0ductivity solutions for your specific needs. When it comes to fastening and assembly technology, we make sure to provide a high quality solution faster than others.

We offer custom designed work stations, assembly tooling, error proofing assembly fixtures, torque tubes, articulated arms, hoists, tool rails, and multiples.

Here are brands and manufacturers we are currently working with:

Productivity solution benefits:

Reduce operator mistakes and rework. eliminate torque reaction to operators using our multi-axis tool holder. Our self locking mechanism enables the operator to torque fasteners horizontally and vertically in a programmed sequence.

Test equipment quickly using our durable torque carts that can be setup with the equipment of your choice.

Our dual spindles can save time by tightening two fasteners simutaneously while monitoring angle and torque.