Electric Vehicle Partnership

Team Air Center - Electric Vehicle Partnership Team Air Center is offering region-specific discounts to electric vehicle manufacturers in Michigan and Ohio locations. This discount will include the production and assembly of electric car manufacturers and is offered to companies including Rivian, Workhorse, Lordstown Motors, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and others.…

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Stanley Smart Rivet Tool

Stanley Rivet Tool Announcing Stanley Assembly Technologies BR12PP-8 Cordless Smart Rivet Tool. This new, high-performance Smart Rivet Tool from Stanley is a programmable, smart-rivet reporting system that includes built-in electronics that allow the tool to operate with Stanley's QBE-Series Controller or as a standalone system. Cordless Rivet Tool Solution The…

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DOGA Productive Solutions

Meet the widest range of reaction arms to meet your various demanding requirements. A comprehensive range of torque reaction systems to decrease employee injuries and boost your productivity. Benefits Include: • Erase torque reaction • Ensure perfect perpendicularity • Avoid injuries • Improve the tightening quality • Improve productivity Economical…

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Custom Tool Solutions

Air Center will custom design and build pro0ductivity solutions for your specific needs. When it comes to fastening and assembly technology, we make sure to provide a high quality solution faster than others. We offer custom designed work stations, assembly tooling, error proofing assembly fixtures, torque tubes, articulated arms, hoists,…

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Custom Tool Heads

Air Center understands that each fastening application is different, that is why we will work with you to solve the challenging assembly problems. With our partnership, we will assist in the design of a tool for a new application and deliver the required torque in the space allowed. Precision machining…

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Air Center Tools

As manufacturing re-opens, many companies are turning to Air Center for American made assembly tools, controllers, and productivity solutions. Here are 4 benefits Air Center can offer: 1.) Shipping Due to Covid-19, shipping from overseas and even within the United States has been delayed for much of the country. Air…

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Programming Stanley Cordless Tools

Connect a cordless Stanley assembly tool to Stanley's Expert tool controller in this step-by-step video guide. Once the tool has been paired, we can start doing rundowns to ensure proper torque and connection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOC8nRMOk3k

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Assembly Tool Positioning System

This positioning system custom-built by Air Center will virtually eliminate rework. The setup is fully customizable for any tool, bit, bit trays, cables, and controllers. The effector laser positioning system will only allow the tool to operate if it is in the correct position and the proper sequence. This eliminates…

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Compressed Air Systems for Automotive Service

Rotary screw compressor technology has become the standard for high quality, efficient compressed air in the automotive markets. Major advantages of rotary screw compressors include higher capacity, more stable pressure, consistently higher air quality, low vibration, and much quieter operation. Kaeser knows that today’s automotive facilities have high standards, and…

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