Stanley Smart Rivet Tool

Stanley Smart Rivet Tool

Stanley Rivet Tool

Announcing Stanley Assembly Technologies BR12PP-8 Cordless Smart Rivet Tool. This new, high-performance Smart Rivet Tool from Stanley is a programmable, smart-rivet reporting system that includes built-in electronics that allow the tool to operate with Stanley’s QBE-Series Controller or as a standalone system.

Stanley Rivet Assembly Tool

Cordless Rivet Tool Solution

The 20V 5Ah battery will approximately complete 2000 to 2500 rivets per battery charge.

Process Monitoring

– Precise monitoring of the force and distance required to collapse and set a rivet
– Data recorded with the tool and analyzed either with the Stanley Alpha Toolbox software or exported to an excel format file
– Programmable multi-function button offering 7 different functions
– Pressure-activated interlock on the nose of the tool
– Select between 11 sounds, and choose when those sounds are
activated, either at a pass or a fail event

Error Proofing & Validation Data

– Deliver the benefits of being able to error-proof the riveting process on an assembly line with the QBE-Series Cordless Controllers from Stanley
– Connects to your network or a PLC to error-proof the customer process and sends and receive signals

BR12PP8 Smart Rivet Tool Specifications

– 8 kN Pull Force
– Rivets from 1/8” to 3/16”
– 3.85 lbs without the battery
– 5.20 lb with the 20V, 5 Ah battery
– Options:
Barcode Scanner
Wireless 802.15.4
– Vacuum mandrel collection