Membrane Dryer

MEMBRANE DRYER WITH OPTIONAL PURGE SAVER Kaeser Modular Membrane (KMM) dryers provide a simple and reliable way to dry compressed air to dew points as low as -40°F and reduce maintenance costs. KMMs keep moisture from ruining paint jobs, clogging sandblasters, and fouling pneumatic instruments, valves, and controls.


Compressed air, saturated with water vapor, flows through a bundle of parallel, tube-shaped membranes. As the compressed air passes along the length of the bundle, water vapor passes through the membrane, dehydrating the compressed air. The separated water vapor is then purged from the membrane bundle housing with a stream of the dried air and exits to atmosphere through a port in the bottom of the housing.

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ModelDimensions (in)Inlet/Outlet Conn. NPT (in)Weight (lb)
KMM 1-311 x 83/85
KMM 2-315 x 83/86
KMM 3-419 x 81/27
KMM 4-427 x 81/28
KMM 5-620 x 113/411
KMM 6-627 x 113/414
KMM 7-829 x 12117
KMM 8-1635 x 14135
KMM 9-1641 x 14140