Kaeser Oil Free Compressors

Oil-less or oil free compressors are top choices for dentists, orthodontists, hospitals, salons, air suspension vehicles, and more. The compressed air unit removes moisture, bacteria, and because they do not contain oil, are great options for healthcare needs such as oral surgeries. Kaeser's Dental Compressors are small, efficient, and produce…

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Kaeser 100 Year Anniversary

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https://youtu.be/QRhCszG7o6I Join us in celebrating Kaeser Kompressoren's 100th anniversary this year. Established in 1919 as a machine workshop in Coburg by Carl Kaeser Sr., the company has developed into an industrial compressor manufacturer and provider of compressed air system solutions with a global presence. Kaeser has made alot of notible…

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