Kaeser Oil Free Compressors

Kaeser Oil Free Compressors

Oil less Kaeser Air CompressorOil-less or oil free compressors are top choices for dentists, orthodontists, hospitals, salons, air suspension vehicles, and more. The compressed air unit removes moisture, bacteria, and because they do not contain oil, are great options for healthcare needs such as oral surgeries. Kaeser’s Dental Compressors are small, efficient, and produce low noise levels. Kaeser oil-less compressors provide consistently clean and high-quality air, and with multiple sizes available you have more placement options for your business.

Air Center also offers larger compressors when high demand is needed. For pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and chemical industries with heavily regulated requirements for air quality, we have CSG-2, DSG-2, and FSG-2 series of two-stage oil-free rotary screw compressors.

Kaeser oil-less design is built to deliver a clean reliable source of oil-free compressed air.

  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Service-friendly design to reduce maintenance time

Oil free Kaeser Air CompressorAir Center’s compressors can integrate into existing compressed air and control systems with ease. Contact us for a custom solution to meet your specific needs.