Easy Air Modular Compressed Air System

Easy Air Modular Compressed Air System

Easy Air Compressed Air Systems offer convenience, flexibility, and cost savings. Utilizing an all-in-one design, the systems can be easily relocated and redeployed as needed.

Key benefits include:


easy to relocate and redeploy

highly efficient for point-of-use applications

Clean, dry air

Each system is customized to your specifications

Fixed or variable speed compressor


Here at Team Air Center, we can provide an Easy Air solution that is exact to your specifications. Each Easy Air model is custom-made to your demands and is highly flexible. With Plug-and-play capability you can easily relocate the complete compressed air unit to wherever the demand is greatest. Need help with your Easy Air model? No problem, Air Center has 24/7 service technicians available. Learn more, call 1-(800) 247-2959