Compressed Air Uses

Compressed Air Uses

We understand how important compressed air is too many different industries and how it impacts their business. Team Air Center has supplied Michigan and Ohio with compressed air systems for over 34 years. The wrong compressor and tank size, improper installation, and improper use can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars. When compressors have been properly installed and maintained they are some of the most efficient and productive energy sources available. Compressed air continues to drive many industries due to its efficiency, safety, low maintenance, energy savings, and due to a wide range of flexibility.

Kaeser Compressor Line

The popularity of air compressors is largely due to the flexibility of compressed air. Industries that use compressed air include food and beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, aerospace, amusement parks, HVAC, construction, road and highway work, breweries, energy sectors, dry cleaning, ski resorts, railways, and many others. Compressed air is so common that it is considered by many as a fourth utility right in line with water, electricity, and natural gas. It can be involved in anything and everything, because of such a wide range of uses comes a need for variety. Air Center understands that every company differs in terms of its compressed air needs and requirements. Companies need custom compressed air systems for their unique set of needs whether it be size, power, cost, or legal requirements. We specialize in providing everything you need when it comes to output needed, reducing energy costs, and effortlessly integrating into your current system.

Kaeser Compressors

Kaeser compressors are easy to control, use, and perform preventative maintenance on. Kaeser Sigma Control 2 allows you to control your whole system and prevents inefficiencies. Air Center also has advanced knowledge when it comes to installs and output, we can assist you every step of the way, provide recommendations, and provide future maintenance on your next belt or oil change. Contact us today!