5 Simple Steps in Cleaning Your Air Compressor

5 Simple Steps in Cleaning Your Air Compressor

Unfortunately, air compressors don’t stay clean forever. Whether due to humidity, dust, or other airborne particles, air compressors can become clogged, eventually compromising their function. 

When the time comes to clean your air compressor, you can do so quickly and easily with these five tips:

1. Start By Reading The Manual. 

If you haven’t already, reading the owner’s manual for your air compressor system is a smart move. Air compressor models can vary, and the manual can provide valuable tips for properly maintaining your model. Ultimately, following the guidelines in your compressor’s manual will help extend the system’s lifespan. 

2. Check For Varnish. 

Varnish is the term used for the by-products of lubricant degeneration. It develops even in systems with top-quality lubricant, and it can compromise the health of your air compressor system. So, cleaning varnish should be included in your air compressor maintenance routine. 

3. Consider Your Oil. 

Keeping a close eye on your air compressor’s oil levels, as well as its metal counts, viscosity, total acid number, and cleanliness, helps reduce varnish production and keep your air compressor cleaner for longer. Make sure that the oil levels are high enough and clean. If the oil is contaminated, change it out and consider using a top-treat cleaner, if applicable. 

4. Take a Look at The Filters. 

Air filters help keep your air compressor clean by collecting airborne contaminants. But, filters can become clogged, causing these contaminants to circulate throughout your compressor. Servicing your air filters ensures that they don’t clog, keeping your air compressor working at its best.  

5. Drain The Tank.

While your air compressor is running, the receiver tank will gather any accumulated moisture. As you clean your air compressor, make sure to drain this moisture from the tank to prevent trapped condensation that could damage the system. 

When DIY cleaning doesn’t do the trick, you can count on Air Center for expert air compressor maintenance or emergency air compressor repairs. Contact us today for more information!