A Compressor’s Life Cycle Cost

A Compressor’s Life Cycle Cost

Many factors go into the total cost of investing in a compressed air system. Focusing on just the upfront cost can cost you thousands. Just the energy usage can outpace the initial price of the compressor in a couple years. Here are 4 catagories to consider:

Purchase price

The initial cost of the compressor can vary greatly, larger more experienced manufacturers may use more expensive equipment to reduce reliabilty issues, increased productivity, and ease of use.

Parts and service

Being able to service your compressor in a timley manor is also important. Not only can not servicing your compressor cause additional wear and tear, it can increase operating costs and keep the compressor out of service longer when maintenance does occur.

Energy costs

It is no secret that industrial air compressors consume alot of energy, but they do not need to. Many modern compressors are highly effienct have additional measures to ensure effiency and will produce much more air for less money than competitors. Considering this is the largest cost, this should be a primary focus when purchasing a new compressed air system.

Additional factors

These include load/unload cycle time, air leak losses, non-production operation, system pressure set points and individual components that can make a difference in the cost of your compressor’s operation.

Kaeser compressed air systems are efficient, quiet, and reliable. Kaeser’s SmartPipe+ is a more economical initially and in the long run due to its durability and design. Team Air Center has 24/7 certified technitions and in-stock parts to service your compressor – virtually eliminating downtime. We offer ultrasonic leak detections, air audits, and schduled maintenance to save you time and money.