Five Common Issues Found in Compressed Air Systems

Five Common Issues Found in Compressed Air Systems

A faulty air compressor can waste energy and resources at your facility. But, by keeping an eye out for common issues, you can keep your air compressor running efficiently:

1. Excessive Operating Temperatures 

Air compressors shouldn’t exceed a temperature threshold for efficient functionality. A common cause of this issue is skipping maintenance visits. Regular maintenance visits by a technician are the most important factors in keeping your air compressor running issue-free. Ask your manufacturer to learn more about the appropriate maintenance schedule for your system. 

2. Air Leaks

It’s estimated that roughly 20% to 30% of wasted energy from air compressors is due to air leaks. Leaks result in constant output fluctuation and a shorter compressor lifespan. So, addressing air leaks is one of the first steps to saving energy costs at your facility.

3. Choked Air Flow

If your air compressor isn’t outputting enough airflow, a few different factors could be causing the issue. These include obstructed intake filters, an unideal pressure gauze setting, or a faulty coupler. If you’re unsure of the source of the obstruction, seeking professional help can cut down the time required to get your compressor back up and running. 

4. A Failing Compressor

Air compressors that fail to start, stop, or provide enough pressure may be experiencing compressor failure. A common cause of compressor failure is inadequate oiling. Failing air compressors may be repaired, but in some cases need to be replaced. 

5, Uncommon Sounds

Loud, uncommon sounds or vibrations produced by your air compressor may indicate a problem. Possible issues include improper mounting, faulty pistons, or loose components. 

It can be difficult to pinpoint the root cause of your air compressor issues. If you’re struggling to determine the problem and perform the required repairs, Air Center is here to help. Our professionals have decades of experience in diagnosing and repairing faulty air compression systems. Contact us for more information!