How To Choose The Right Air Compressor For Your Facility

How To Choose The Right Air Compressor For Your Facility

Air compressors are popular tools used in various job settings. Be it a workshop or construction site, the right kind of air compressor can make or break your project.

Finding the right air compressor for your facility is a balance between a fair price and enough power to ensure high-quality work. The most important factor to consider when selecting an air compressor is your usage. 

Certain jobs require a heavy-duty air compressor, while others would benefit from a lightweight, portable system. If you’re using more power than your air compressor supplies, regular breaks will be required throughout the job to compensate. 

Along with your usage, you should consider the following factors when selecting an air compressor:

1. Tank Size

The duration of time that you’ll be using the compressor dictates the size of your air compressor tank. Longer operations require larger tank sizes. 

2. Oil Air vs. Oil-Free

Oil air compressors utilize oil to lubricate and cool the compressed air. These compressors are more suitable in industrial settings, rather than medical or culinary settings. 

3. CFM

Cubic feet per minute, or CFM, is how air compressors are rated. It’s crucial to estimate the CFM required in your facility to select the appropriate air compressor. 

4. Portability

The use of pneumatic tools like drills, jackhammers, and wrenches is an indication of your need for a lightweight, portable air compressor. 

5. Sound Level

At job sites that require effective communication, quieter air compressors would be the better choice. The loudest air compressors can produce a volume of 90 decibels, which is difficult to communicate over. 

If you’re unsure which air compressor to choose for your facility, reach out to Air Center. Our experts have over 35 years of experience in compression systems and can help you find the perfect system for your needs. Contact us to learn more!