Is Your Tank Too Small?

Is Your Tank Too Small?

While purchasing an air compressor, many customers don’t consider the size of the tank closely enough. However, the tank size impacts the functionality of an air compressor more than you might realize. 

Air compressor tanks come in a broad range of sizes. If your tank is too small, you’re selling yourself short. Here’s why:

Consistent Pressure

Air compressors cut out when the tank pressure hits the high-level cut-out. At this point, the motor will stop. 

A larger tank allows the air compressor to run for a longer period without cutting out. So, the compressor will run with consistent pressure, rather than having to pulsate.  

Greater Storage For Compressed Air

The tank is a reservoir that holds pre-compressed air. So, the larger the tank, the more storage you’ll have for compressed air. By purchasing a larger air compressor tank, you can ensure that you’ll have the volume to accommodate your business’s ongoing needs.  


If your air compressor tank is too small for your needs, the system will have to continually power up. But, with a larger tank, your system won’t have to work as hard to provide the air that you need. In the long haul, this will result in less wear on your air compressor and, ultimately, greater longevity. You’ll also save money on repairs and maintenance.  

Energy Efficiency

In addition to protecting the longevity of your air compressor system, a larger tank will be gentler in the environment. With a larger tank, your air compressor won’t need to power up as frequently. This allows for less energy usage and, as an added perk, a lower utility bill at the end of each month. 

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