Kaeser Sigma Air Manager 4.0

Kaeser Sigma Air Manager 4.0

Have high energy costs? Even though your equipment is energy-efficient your energy costs are not as low as they could be. Compressed air systems are comprised of a lot of different equipment which can idle when they are not needed. Even though your equipment is energy-efficient your compressor, blower, dryer, etc. are all reacting to the needed output demanded.

The award-winning Kaeser Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0)  was introduced to efficiently give you more air for less money while increasing productivity. Kaeser SAM 4.0 is the newest generation of compressed air system control. With the introduction of SAM 4.0, you have adaptive controls, predictive maintenance, data storage, and analysis – all while maintaining a reliable, consistent, and efficient supply of compressed air.


Kaeser’s Sigma Air Manager 4.0 ties in all of your equipment including compressors, blowers or vacuums into a secure Sigma network so you can manage your entire system or industrial plant. SAM 4.0 is easy to use in part because of its 3D advanced control which continuously analyzes efficiency parameters to proactively calculate the most efficient range.

Messaging + Maintenance

In addition, built into SAM 4.0 is a predictive maintenance reminder and messaging abilities. This messaging ability communicates exactly what maintenance needs to be performed, allowing our technicians to get you up and running and effectively eliminating downtime. These built-in features ensure you never miss preventative maintenance, maximize efficiency, and maximize the life of your compressor and equipment – significantly reducing costs.

Screen Features

SAM 4.0 features a user-friendly 12-inch color touch screen. The home screen shows real-time operating status, power consumption, pressure history, flow, and error-messages. This data can be accessed anytime and anywhere, to learn more contact Team Air Center.

Get steady pressure, more air for less money, and reduced energy usage. Kaeser is reliable, quiet, easier to maintain, and you may qualify for an energy rebate from your provider. Save thousands by Contacting Us!