Breathing Air System

Our bodies have a limited capacity to filter the air we breath. Anything much smaller than 10μm will travel past the nose and into the lungs. When contaminants reach the lungs, respiratory illness can occur, but when they hit the bloodstream they can be deadly.

 Carbon monoxide gas has no odor, taste, or color, but even in small concentrations it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. It has a detrimental effect on coordination, reaction time, and visual acuity, subjecting even the most safety conscious worker to accidents. In higher concentrations, it is lethal.

The KBS is a complete purification system designed to remove excessive moisture, solid particles, oil and oil vapor, and carbon monoxide from ordinary compressed air. The OSHA Grade D air it produces can efficiently feed face masks, hoods, and other breathing devices to protect worker health and safety.

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Product Type


Rated CFM

18-1130 CFM


  • Left and right tower pressure gauges
  • Purge pressure gauge
  • Inlet pressure gauge
  • Color change moisture indicator
  • NEMA 4/4X with critical LED indicators
  • Soft on/off switch with 2 power recovery modes
  • Switching failure alarms
  • Coalescing filters with automatic drain valves and differential pressure gauges
  • CO catalyst converter
  • Particulate afterfilter with differential pressure gauge
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Air sample ports for optional analyzer installation

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ModelRated Capacity (scfm)Outle Flow (scfm)Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)Inlet/Outlet Conn (in)Dimensions (in)Weight (lb)
KBS 15181585-264/1/47-63 AC1/2 NPT (F)42 x 38 x 49440
KBS 25302585-264/1/47-63 AC1/2 NPT (F)42 x 38 x 49450
KBS 35423585-264/1/47-63 AC1 NPT (F)42 x 38 x 49455
KBS 50605085-264/1/47-63 AC1 NPT (F)42 x 38 x 64560
KBS 75907585-264/1/47-63 AC1 NPT (F)42 x 38 x 81700
KBS 951149585-264/1/47-63 AC1 NPT (F)49 x 45 x 56820
KBS 13516213585-264/1/47-63 AC1 NPT (F)49 x 45 x 56820
KBS 20524620585-264/1/47-63 AC2 NPT (F)58 x 47 x 751185
KBS 30536630585-264/1/47-63 AC2 NPT (F)64 x 52 x 661405
KBS 37545037585-264/1/47-63 AC2 NPT (F)64 x 52 x 741560
KBS 49059049085-264/1/47-63 AC2 NPT (F)57 7/16 x 69½ x 102 13/161650
KBS 62575062585-264/1/47-63 AC2 NPT (F)6 23/16 x 75 x 1072800
KBS 77593077585-264/1/47-63 AC3 FLG62 x 85 x 1111 3/163275
KBS 940113094085-264/1/47-63 AC3 FLG65 7/8 x 8 15/16 x 1153750