Signs It’s Time To Get Your Air Compressor Serviced

Signs It’s Time To Get Your Air Compressor Serviced

Your air compressor needs to be working properly for efficient, productive operations. However, routine, professional maintenance is essential to keeping your compressor in excellent condition. 

If it’s time to get your air compressor serviced, you may notice one or several of the following signs:

Declining or Abnormal Air Pressure

If you notice that your compressor is frequently providing inconsistent air pressure, or if the air pressure has sharply declined, you need to call a technician. Inconsistent air pressure indicates that your compressor’s parts may be succumbing to wear and tear.

Decreasing air pressure, on the other hand, is a sign that you may have an air leak. An air leak will force your machine to use more energy to run, leading to higher energy bills. A skilled technician can locate and fix the leak to restore your machine’s energy efficiency. 

More Noise Than Usual

Although air compressors tend to be loud while running, if your compressor is making more noise than usual, it probably needs to be serviced. A loud air compressor may have loose parts, be poorly mounted, or have crankcase issues.   


The average air compressor’s optimal operating temperature range is 50℉ to 85℉. If your air compressor becomes very hot while operating or even shuts down from overheating, you should schedule a maintenance visit ASAP. Overheating can significantly damage your air compressor. 

Taking a Long Time To Turn On

A brand-new air compressor should power up immediately. If your compressor now takes a long time to power up, you should have it looked at by a professional. Taking a long time to turn on can indicate that the air compressor is starting to break down. 

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