The Essential Air Compressor Accessories

The Essential Air Compressor Accessories

Finding the right air compressor with the appropriate PSI is crucial to getting your job done. Although you may have plenty of power in your air compressor, it’s of no use unless you have the accessories to run your essential tools. 

What’s more, an air compressor is only as powerful as its weakest link. Whether it’s a clogged filter or ill-fitting parts, having the appropriate accessories will optimize your compressor’s functionality, allowing you to seamlessly power your tools.

Key air compressor accessories to achieve a steady output from your device include:

1. Lubrication and Oil

Check to see if your air compressor requires oil to function. Some newer models are oil-free, whereas older models need oil specifically for air compressors. It’s generally recommended to change your oil once a month to ensure that your compressor runs efficiently.

2. Air Hoses

Air hoses simply connect your air compressor to your power tool. Your compressor might have come with an air hose, but it’s wise to invest in an extra hose. These hoses are prone to damage and wear with time, so having an extra hose can save you the time required to find a replacement.

3. Filters

Filters are required to remove air contaminants before the air is compressed and processed into your air tools. With clean filters, your machine will run more efficiently and require less maintenance in the long run. Clean and replace your air filters often to keep your compressor functioning optimally. 

4. Regulators

With compressor regulators, you’re able to adjust your compressor’s power output to the exact PSI requirement of your power tool. Having a quality regulator ensures that you’re not wasting any energy and will save you money on your power bill. 

Obtaining all the right accessories for your air compressor will prolong its lifespan and reduce your maintenance needs. Air Center keeps all the essential compressor accessories in stock at affordable prices. Contact us to learn more!