Tips on Fighting Condensation in Your Air Compressor

Tips on Fighting Condensation in Your Air Compressor

Condensation can damage your air compressor system over time, leading to costly repairs or even a complete replacement. Thankfully, there are several ways to fight condensation in your air compressor to avoid the ramifications of excess moisture and oil. 

What Causes Condensation in Air Compressor Systems?

Some moisture is inevitable in your air compressor system. This is because ambient air contains a degree of moisture, which is extracted during the compression process. Pressurized air can’t hold as much water vapor as heated air, so the water from the ambient air becomes condensation inside the air compressor. 

Typically, air compressors contain various parts to decrease condensation. But, if you start to notice accumulated moisture, it may be due to:

  • The environment

Predictably, if you live in a humid environment, your air compressor system is more likely to suffer from moisture damage. 

  • Overusing your air compressor

If your air compressor doesn’t have the capacity for your needs, it’ll be more likely to heat up. This can lead to condensation. Ensuring that your air compressor is large enough to accommodate your needs will help prevent this issue. 

  • Internal part failure

Air compressor systems wear out over time, becoming gradually less efficient. As this starts to occur, the system becomes more susceptible to condensation. Failing to properly maintain your air compressor can worsen this issue by increasing wear and tear on your system. 

Tips To Prevent Air Compressor Condensation

  • Use a water trap.

A water trap will help extract moisture from your air compressor. This is a great choice for tools that need dry air, including sanding tools and airbrushes. 

  • Invest in an internal or external dryer. 

An air dryer will remove water vapor from your air compressor to prevent condensation. There are several different types of air dryers, including desiccant, refrigerated, membrane, and deliquescent dryers. 

  • Install a piping system. 

A piping system will remove heat from your air compressor, causing excess water to fall to the bottom of the pipe. This is a budget-friendly method for fighting condensation in your air compressor. 

If you’re struggling with condensation in your air compressor, contact Air Center to learn more about the solutions available to you.